Family Ties Gifts for Moms Project 

Christmas Party and stuffing bags of gifts for the Moms  2017

Rosemary, Paula, Terri and Bev

Susan, Laura, Germaine, Judy K and Judy D

SI Lodi members with bags assembled for moms at Family Ties

Liz Kass presents check to

Kathy Merrill Director of Family Ties

Christmas Party and Wrapping gifts in 2016

Christmas Party and Gifts 2015

Deb presents 2015 check to Michelle and Sandy  from Second Step
Michelle and Sandy
On December 11,  2014  SI Lodi assembled 55 holiday gift bags for women served by the Second Step and Family Ties organizations as well as for mothers of students in a local Head Start Class. The club also provided Second Step with a donation of $500 in support of their program for women in need in our community. 

President Liz presents donation to

Sandy Dykema and her assistant Michelle Lingo

 Members assemble Gift bags

 Members Germaine, Courteney      and Deb  

SI Lodi members assemble Gifts for Moms bags

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