Festa Della Donna

This event has been cancelled for the future.

 Festa Della Donna 2013

May 15, 2013

There were 42 tables decorated for Festa Della Donna.  SI Lodi decorated a table that sold for $2,500 for the Vacarezza Murdaca Foundation.

Our theme was Springtime in Paris.  Deb, Germaine and Ora shown above decorated the table that had been designed by new member Shirley.

 Festa Della Donna 2012

We decorated  a table for the Festa Della Donna in May 2010, 2011 and 2012.

This is an annual fundraiser sponsored by the Vacarezza Murdaca foundation,

 which supports Lodi House and Hope Harbor Shelter. 

SI Lodi Table  2012

"Soroptimist Supper Club" designed by Tamara above

Sasha, Bev and Tamara

Captain Dan Williams and Susan

Place setting from Bernice, Roses tinted with lipstick

Bev, Merry and Gerry                         Right  Doris Fiori and Lynn

Festa Della Donna 2011

Germaine and Merry decorated our table with the theme "Love to Serve"


Ora, Merry, Germaine, Robyn and Kim 

 Kim Williams and Bev Lacy 

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