Former Years Projects

Mary Graham Foundation Scholarship

Project of Past President Barbara Warburton,  2008-09

President Barbara Warburton present check to Tod Davis Bev Lacy assists.

Mary Graham Foundation Scholarship recipients, Cecelia Jauregui and Princess Redman.  With Germaine Burke, President 2009-10.

In 2008-09 Soroptimist International of Lodi  contributed $4,500 to the Mary Graham Children’s Shelter Foundation’s College Scholarship Program. The Scholarship Program is for former foster youth of San Joaquin County who desire to continue their education in trade schools, junior colleges or four-year colleges. When foster youth turn 18, they no longer receive financial support or services and are on their own. All too often, unemployment, homelessness and life lived on the fringe face these young adults. Support during this critical time of transition is critical to the success of these youth. 

The Soroptimst’s donation will be designated to one or more of the young women in the program ensuring that they receive the support and funding necessary to complete their education.

Although the majority of foster youth have the desire to attend college, only one out of every 100 are given the opportunity to complete their education. The Foundation's scholarship program provides not only the financial support needed but also pairs each student with an adult mentor to ensure they have a support system to aid in their success. Now in its fifth year of the program, the Foundation is supporting 13 former foster youth as they work towards their dreams of continuing their education.

      President Barbara Warburton selected the Mary Graham Children’s Center Foundation for her project for the 2008-09 year. The donation was made  to Tod Davis, executive director of the Mary Graham Foundation and Jennifer Held, member of the Foundation Board of Directors. To learn more about our project, visit their website at
The name Soroptimist means "best for women," and that's what the organization strives to achieve. Soroptimists are women at their best, working to help other women to be their best. Visit for more information about Soroptimist International of Lodi.


Reaching Out Project, Lodi Memorial Hospital

Project of Betsy Peterson,  2007-08

Shelly Mason, Jamie Cramer and Emily Denham from Lodi Memorial Hospital accept donation from Betsy Peterson and Bev Lacy from Soroptimist.  

Soroptimist International of Lodi adopted the “Soroptimist's Reaching Out”  program. The club donated tote bags filled with items for women who are discharged from Lodi Memorial Hospital and have no family to go home to. We are donating 10 bags a month to this project.

Candy Cane Park

Originally donated in 1959 and renovated in 1992-93 . See the  page for Candy Cane Park in Program History for information about the re-dedication of the park in 2019.

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