Dream Programs

Our Work and Impact

Years of experience working with women and girls has taught Soroptimist that education is the key to unlocking economic empowerment of the world’s women and girls. When women and girls are educated, they have opportunity, choice and power to make healthy decisions for themselves and their families.

How We Do It: Soroptimist Dream Programs

Soroptimist Dream Programs are primarily delivered locally by clubs and members in 21 countries and territories. There are three Dream Programs:

1) Live Your Dream: Education and Training Awards for Women

Through the Live Your Dream Awards, Soroptimist provides more than $2 million in educational grants to about 1,450 women every year.

2) Dream It, Be It: Career Support for Girls

Through Dream, It Be It, Soroptimist clubs provide girls who face challenges with guidance, training and resources that will prepare them for career success.

3) LiveYourDream.org

Soroptimist is growing a new wave of volunteers and activists through our online platform, LiveYourDream.org. Our supporters are raising awareness about some of the most serious challenges facing women and girls, and helping to promote access to our Dream Programs.LiveYourDream.org is dedicated to ensuring every woman and girl has the opportunity to reach her full potential, be free from violence, and live her dreams. It inspires people from all walks of life to live their dreams, while helping less fortunate women and girls to live theirs. We accomplish lasting change through hands-on opportunities, awareness and advocacy efforts, and financial support—or any combination of these actions.

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