Board Installation

SI Lodi Board

Installation June27, 2019

Using a clever script prepared by Bev, the board was installed by Germaine on June 27, 2019. The program theme was "Growing Our Soroptimist Garden".  As noted in a Japanese saying, "If the flower is to be beautiful, it must be cultivated."  Growing a garden takes dedication but the rewards are so worth it.  We must prepare the soil to grow the flowers and recruit more gardeners.  We will help women and girls to thrive and overcome the weeds that may get in their way.

(l to r) Bev, Director Terri, Co-president Deb, Germaine, Vice President Laura, Co-president Liz, Treasurer Susan

More photos from the installation can be found below.
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SI Lodi Board
Bev-Recording Secty, Judy-Director, Deb--Director, Laura-Corresponding Secty,
Rosemary-Treas, LaVerne-Vice Pres, Terri-Pres., Barbara Installing officer

SI Lodi Board


Deb, Judy, Rosemary, Germaine, Liz and President Terri

Outgoing President Deb and President Terri

 Installation of Board in prior years


Board members:  Kim, Rosemary, Robyn, President Deb, Installing officer Barbara, Terrie, Liz, Judy.


Installing offier Bev, President Deb,  and Board membersJudi, Rosemary, LaVerne, Marsha and Lise


Installation of the Board 2011-12


Susan and her board pictured above, left to right:

Gerry Installing officer,  Directors Britnee and Sue K, Treasurer Lynn,

Corresponding Secretary Liz, Secretary Germaine,

Vice President  Pat, President  Susan

Germaine named Member of the year by Bev and Merry

Installation of the Board 2010-11

Installation, June 15, 2010

Board of Directors  2010-11

 Co-Presidents…...........Merry Donahue,  Beverly Lacy

Vice President................................Susan Brazil

Recording Secretary...........Germaine Burke

Corresponding Secretary....... .Lori Klarer

Co-Treasurers……….…....Bernice Schmiedt

                                Robyn Grace Jennings

One Year Director….…....Lynn Hendricks

Two Year Director….......Sue Kiminkinen

Past President….............Germaine Burke


Co Presidents Bev and Merry with Past President Germaine  

Germaine names Bev Soroptimist of the Year 

Board 2010-11:    President Germaine,  Bev, Susan B, Merry, Sue K, Lori, Lynn 


2009-10 Board

Robyn, Susan, Merry, Sue, Bev and Germaine

 Installation 2008   President Barbara

Board 2008-09  Barbara Warburton President 

Ora, Sharon, Barbara, Pat, Bev

Sue K, Susan B, Sue G

Pres. Barbara presents board with gift of aprons 


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