Program Meetings

SI Lodi has Program Meetings on the fourth Thursday of each month.

January 24, 2019
Presentation by Alison McGregor, Executive Director and Adolescent & Family Services Director of One-Eighty Youth Center

Below: President Terri, Alison McGregor, Vice President LaVerne

Alison shared information about programs offered at the center, which was established in 2002 and is located at 17 West Lockeford St, Lodi, CA. They also have mobile units at Kofu and Hale Parks.

The One-Eighty Youth Center is dedicated to helping at-risk youth and families make a 180-degree change toward thriving physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Middle and high school students are welcome to attend. The center is open after school and Friday nights and is a place where teens can hang out and feel safe to be themselves. They will feel love and support from the staff and be empowered to succeed with the help a variety of resources. The teens can enjoy playing ping-pong, board games, video games, basketball and more. On Fridays. they can expect a great night, perhaps including competitive games, a big-screen movie or concert.

One-Eighty Adventures takes students on multi-day backpacking adventure trips, day trips to the mountains or beach, rock climbing, kayaking and camping, One-Eighty Strong prepares students for strong futures. job readiness, support groups and leadership development. The Care Lodi program encourages neighbors to build relationships. It focuses on elementary school students, offering sports programs and tutoring. The program has formed partnerships with churches and Lodi Police Department.

Adolescent and Family Services provides professional services, counseling for individuals and families, and offers school-based therapy and community partnerships. Counselors go into schools for at-risk students. Liberty High is one of the 10 schools with therapy groups. The Anchor In program helps participants find support systems. A Women’s Intervention group helps young women plan for the future by finding their strengths pursuing their goals.

Upcoming fundraising events for One-Eighty include the Diamond District Tea on February 23, 2019 and a paint party. Volunteers and donations are welcome. For information call 209-339-2308 or visit their website at

In 2016 David Stuart director of San Joaquin Museum informed members of the recent renovations to the Sunshine Trail and at Micke Grove.  We presented a check for purchase of a Bench at the Sunshine Trail

Long time member Bev Lacy presents check to David Stuart for purchase of new bench.

Program meetings 2011-12

 Deb Miller with Merrin Straw director of the Sisterhood and volunteer Ashley. Merrin updated the club on the activities of the Sisterhood this past year.  The club made a donation to the group. 

October Program Speaker Dr. Liz Kass, Chief of Dermatology at Kaiser Permanente provided information about the effects of sun and aging on the skin.  She described the types of skin cancers and how to recognize the symptoms.



 Program Meetings 2010-11

Steve Dutra, Lodi Parks and Recreation Director

talks about plans for parks in Lodi in Sept 2010

 Catherine Pennington, Asst. Superintendent of Elementary Education for LUSD with Co-President Bev and Program chairman Pat.  Provided update on the state of the school district in Nov 2010


The Speaker at a program in spring 2010 was Diane Morgali.

 Diane is a board member of AOET USA supporting AIDS orphans and widows in Africa.  She is so enthusiastic about the program and the work they are doing with the children.  With support the organization can make a difference in the lives of these children.


Author Robin Burcell was guest speaker at our meeting May 17.  Robin was Lodi’s first policewoman and homicide detective. She is an FBI-trained forensic artist in addition to working as a hostage negotiator and with child and sexual abuse cases. She was a police officer for 27 years and now spends her time writing romance, police procedural and thriller novels.  She has published seven novels to date.

 Jeff Wait, Calavaras County Sheriff's Department

Jeff Wait and his blood hounds, 9-year-old Baron and 1 ½-year old Otis, visited Club Tuesday, January 20, 2010  for our Program Meeting. Jeff told us about his work with the Rescue Dogs.  Lori and Robyn couldn’t resist petting and cuddling the hounds at the end of the meeting.

Jeff Wait with his recue dogs. 

 Nancy Claus, Author of Children's Christmas Books
Nancy Claus spoke to the Soroptimists of Lodi in November about her newest project, book writing and publishing. Nancy is a former Soroptimist, whose working schedule required that she often travel.
Nancy was born and raised in the Bay Area. She moved to Lodi 10 years ago this Christmas (what a move). She had been writing for many years but it wasn’t until her first granddaughter was born that she started reading children’s books again. She decided if she was going to follow her dream, now was the time. She also decided to take on another challenge of self-publishing. To date, she has written and published four children’s Christmas books. Please see her website for excerpts from the books at

 Michele Tavarez Butler from Visit Lodi

Michele told us about her position at Visit Lodi and how they try to attract visitors to Lodi.

 Joelle Gomez, director of the Women's Center of San Joaquin

WW II Veteran Speaks

Ted Lacy recently shared his WWII memories with the Soroptimist ladies of Lodi. He landed in Guam on December 13, 1944 and told of his duties and the things he encountered while there.
Ted worked out of Harmon Field just outside Agana as well as the Northwest Field. His battalion helped build Quonset type hangers there at Harmon and then 95 storage warehouses at the Northwest. Ted drove a 1 ½ ton truck during this phase. He told of his bout with Dengue Fever in which he ran a fever of 106 for three days and was off duty for two weeks. He relapsed three weeks later being released and spent another two weeks in the hospital. He talked about their projects, the USO show, the pride they had in the building of the landing strips, and the young men he served with.
Ted noted the changes that took place there on Guam. When they arrived, the main road north and south was a one lane cart path. When they left, it was a four lane paved freeway and Harmon Field had been extended to accept large planes. They built the Northwest Field and the 1884th built the North Field. The B-29s were making almost daily bombing runs to Japan from those fields.
We’re grateful for these young men who served and protected our country during this time in history. Nearly all of us have  family who served during WW2 and it certainly formed a kinship with Ted.


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