Awards 2016

Christina, Veronica, Live Your Dream Awards and Sarah Soroptimist Achievement Award

Bev Presented Krista with $500 2nd year award

Mina presents Computer to Ayisha for 2nd year award

Soroptimist International presents 2016 awards,

Merrin Straw and "The Sisterhood" spoke at Awards Ceremony

  Soroptimist International presents awards, 2015

"Ted Lacy and Lloyd Hill Award"  Krista Keaney

"Live Your Dream Award" recipients Maria Martinez and Jennifer Higgins

 Bev Lacy presents Krista with Ted Lacy, Lloyd Hill memorial award.  Krista's daughter Brianna spoke on behalf of her mother.


Germaine Burke and  "Live Your Dream" recipient Jennifer Higgins 

Mina Sebastian and "Live Your Dream Recipient Maria  Martinez

 Pat Hill and Bev Lacy with Krista Keaney and daughter Brianna. Krista received memorial award in memory of Lloyd Hill and Ted Lacy husbands of these Soroptimist members.

 Soroptimist International presents awards, 2015

Soroptimist International of Lodi presents awards


 Wednesday, April 29, 2015 3:55 pm

Soroptimist International is a global organization that works to improve the lives of women and girls through programs leading to social and economic empowerment. The Lodi chapter presented two $1,000 Live Your Dream Awards to Maria Martinez and Jennifer Higgins. The awards ceremony took place on March 26, 2015 at Temple Baptist Church in Lodi.


Each year, the Soroptimist International’s Live Your Dream Award provides more than $1.6 million worldwide in cash grants to head-of-household women returning to school. Recipient Maria Martinez, a mother of three, will use the award to complete her bachelor’s degree in organizational behavior at the University of the Pacific.

Recipient Jennifer Higgins, a mother of two, plans to use the award for her Associate Degree in nursing at Modesto Junior College.


Krista Keaney received the Ted Lacy and Lloyd Hill Memorial Awards. These awards are given in honor of the husbands of long-time Soroptimist members Bev Lacy and Pat Hill. Krista is the mother of two. She returned to school to pursue a degree in biology at Consumnes River College.


Autumn Pacheco received the Brenda Kosaka Memorial Scholarship. Autumn attends Menlo College in Atherton majoring in sports management and is a member of the women’s wrestling team.

Jaclyn Smith-Ortiz, from U.S. Congressman Jerry McNerney’s office presented each of the award recipients with a certificate of recognition for their awards, one from Congressman Jerry McNerney and the other from Senator Cathleen Galgiani.


Soroptimist International of Lodi is a non-profit organization that relies on charitable donations and local fundraisers to support its programs and welcomes new members. For more information, visit or or email

— Source: Bev Lacy

Awards 2014

March 18, 2014

Valerie Vega, Amanda Sieglock, Letisia Zamora, and Suzanne Mangum

Marisela Gonzalez,  Miranda D. O'Mahony

Women’s Opportunity Award

Leticia Zamora ……………..…Barbara Warburton-Lodi

Marisela Gonzalez…………Elizabeth Kass-Lodi Sunrise

Valerie Vega………………….….Mina Lee-Lodi Sunrise

Violet Richardson Award

Amanda Sieglock ……………..Phyllis Almendarez– Lodi

City of Lodi Storm Drain Detective Program  Tokay High

   Miranda D. O'Mahony…….Brenda Kosaka - Lodi Sunrise

Girls Scouts of America, Troop 2030                   Lodi High

Ruby Award – For Women Helping Women

Suzanne Mangum………………….Beverly Lacy - Lodi

Suzanne is Executive Director of Lodi House and Lodi House Transitional Housing. An Enrichment Center at the transition house has computers to make it easier for clients to find employment. She also manages the Lodi House Thrift Store.


Awards 2013

Award recipients 2013
Katherine, Edith, Hanna,
Marcia, Maylene and Hanna

Lodi and Lodi Sunrise


Award Presentations

Women’s Opportunity Award

Maylene Kisch Adam ……………..…Barbara Warburton-Lodi

Katherine C. Madison…………….Marcia Pothast-Lodi Sunrise 

Violet Richardson Award

Hanna Stoltman ………Phyllis Almendarez/Karen West – Lodi

Edith Gonzales….….…………… Judy Dolyniuk -Lodi Sunrise 

Ruby Award – For Women Helping Women

Annette Murdaca…………………………..Beverly Lacy - Lodi

Annette was the driving force behind the establishment of “Lodi House” and the Salvation Army “Hope Harbor Shelter for Woman and Children.” This support is made possible through the Vaccarezza-Murdaca Family Foundation.  Annette will be receiving the Region Ruby Award at our region conference later this month.

Marcia Elam ……………………Dr Liz Kaas – Lodi Sunrise

Marcia is passionate about education.  She founded Coalition for Higher Learning, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring that the next generation of youth will have the opportunity to attend college or a university.

Ruby Award recipient Annette on right with Suzanne and Bev
WOA recipient Maylene with Barbara

 Vi Richardson recipient Hanna

 Hanna with Phyllis and Karen

Award recipients 2012
Judy, Cecelia, Tia, Diedra, Toni, Karen, Liann, Holly, Madison 

Madison and her Mom, VR Award

 Karen West and her friends, Rudy Award recipient

Soroptimist International of

Lodi and Lodi Sunrise

2012 Awards Presentation

March 20, 2012

Soroptimist Awards

The Women’s Opportunity Award, the major service project for Soroptimist, is presented to women who have primary financial responsibility for themselves and their families and are enrolled in a vocational/skills training program or undergraduate degree program.

The Violet Richardson Award, named for the president of the first Soroptimist club, recognizes young women between the ages of 14 and 17 who make the community and world a better place through volunteer efforts.

The Ruby Award acknowledges women who are working to improve the lives of women and girls through their personal or professional activities.

Improving the Lives of Women and Girls,

 in Local Communities and Throughout the World

Lodi and Lodi Sunrise

Award Presentations

Women’s Opportunity Award

Toni Marsh-Banks…………….....………….Pat Hill-Lodi Deidra Y. Linder……………..Minajoy Lee-Lodi Sunrise

Lodi Sunrise Inspiration Award-Tia Gardner..M. Lee

Violet Richardson Award

Madison Maldonado……………….....Beverly Lacy – Lodi Holly Fyffe…………………….……Mary Olah -Lodi Sunrise Liann Hoang…………………….Susan Goad -Lodi Sunrise

Ruby Award – For Women Helping Women

Cecilia Sierra, APANTLI……….Germaine Burke - Lodi APANTLI works with youths who are hardest to reach and at greatest risk, with the intent of producing a safe, healthy, nurturing environment characterized by respect for differences, trust, caring, and support.               

Karen West, Salvation Army Hope Harbor

Lisa Steele, Strong as Steele Foundation

Judy Kooyman………………Dr Liz Kaas – Lodi Sunrise Judy works at the Lodi Women's Center of SJ with victims of domestic violence

Closing and Soroptimist Pledge.......…Germaine Burke


Violet Richardson Award 

The Violet Richardson Award, Honoring Young Women for Volunteer Action   The Violet Richardson awards recognize young women who make the community a better place through their volunteer efforts.   Applicants must be committed to making the world a better place to live as evidenced by the time and quality of effort dedicated to volunteering. They must also have shown initiative in identifying a social problem and trying to solve it, have had significant accomplishments as volunteers whose actions benefit women, and be an inspiration to other girls.     This award is for young women ages 14 to 17 who volunteer in their community or school. This award is given by both Soroptimist International of Lodi and Lodi Sunrise.  Applicants must complete the application form and submit a typewritten essay of 750 words outlining their volunteer efforts.  Supporting materials may also be submitted   The recommended guidelines for choosing a recipient include the following.  The applicant must be committed to making the world a better place to live as evidenced by the amount of time and quality of effort dedicated to volunteering, have shown initiative in identifying a social problem and trying to solve it,  have had significant accomplishments as a volunteer,  volunteer action benefits women, young women or girls, be an inspiration to other girls.      Applications must be received by December 1 of each year. Both clubs use these applications. This is up to $500 award at the club level, and the recipients applications are submitted to the Region for consideration for the Regional award of $1000.  Phyllis Almendarez was the chairman of the VR award <>.

                        Award recipients March 2011 

Soroptimist award recipients from left are: Dr. Grace Tay, Cecelia Jauriqui, Anna Price, Brittany Cunningham, Vicki Thao, Deyanira Nava and Dametris Vinegar.

Vicki Thao Violet Richardson Award with family

Cecilia Jaurequi Mary Graham Foundationa Award

with sponsor and Andy Prokop and wife.

Demitras Vinegar WOA recipient for SI Sunrise with her mother and children.

Anna Price, Violet Richardson runner up

Brittnay Cunningham Vi Richardson runner up

Awards night March 25, 2010

Temple Baptist Church

Back Row: Vannita Johnson, WOA SI Lodi, Ebony Fortier, WOA SI Lodi Sunrise, Joelle Gomez, Ruby Award SI Lodi, Liz Kass, Ruby Award SI Lodi Sunrise, Nicole Rosales, Violet Richardson Award SI Lodi Sunrise.

Front row, left to right:
Nhu-Anh Le, Live Your Dream Award; Michele Poteet, Live Your Dream Award; Selene Yepez, Live Your Dream Award; Tiara Shands, Mickey Moore Memorial Award; Zyania Lizarraga, Live Your Dream Award. 

  Press release below.
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Awards night 2009

Tiara Shands with Mickey Moore's family & friends 2010 Mickey Moore Scholarship.

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